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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Corpus Christi

If you’re facing criminal charges, you should know why it’s important to hire a Texas criminal defense attorney to help you with your case. This person may be all that stands between you and time in prison (or even hefty fines). That’s why you need to hire an attorney as soon as you can.

In almost every case, you’ll be better off if you hire a criminal defense attorney in Texas as soon as you’re charged with a crime. Even if you’re part of a criminal investigation, you should contact an attorney before you talk to anyone. If you have someone on board from the beginning, he or she will be able to put together a more solid defense on your behalf. It will also make sure you don’t inadvertently say the wrong things to a police officer or any other law enforcement official.

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Here are some important reasons why you should hire a criminal lawyer in Texas if you have been charged with a crime.

#1: Time is Not on Your Side

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, time will not be on your side. That’s why you need to act quickly before your case can take a turn for the worse. Prosecutors will keep gathering evidence so they can use it against you, and your best chance of negotiating a reduction or dismissal of your charges is to start the process as soon as possible. They should, however, be handled by a qualified attorney who can act quickly after you have been arrested. That way, he or she can negotiate a reduced charge or even get them dropped.

#2: You Need to Take a Professional Approach

Criminal charges are serious, which is why you need to take a professional approach. You must be able to deal with any problems or challenges head-on. It might be necessary to mediate between you and the one accusing you. If this happens, a professional approach by a criminal defense attorney in Texas can be helpful. You should never contact your accuser on your own. It’s best to leave that to a professional.

#3: You Need to Know Your Legal Options

If you’re facing criminal charges, you need to know your legal options. A criminal lawyer in Texas will be able to give them to you while advising you on your next steps. This person will always have your best interests at heart.

#4: You Should Never Answer Questions Without an Attorney Present

If police officers, investigators, or prosecutors want to question you about a criminal case in which you have been implicated, you should never answer their questions without an attorney present because he or she will be able to advise you on how to answer. Otherwise, you could accidentally hurt your case by saying the wrong thing. Police officers will often try to trick suspects into implicating themselves in a crime. It’s your legal right to have an attorney with you when you’re being questioned. Getting one is not an admission of guilt, but simply a protection of your legal rights.

#5: Your Constitutional Rights May Have Been Violated

A Texas criminal defense attorney will be able to determine if your constitutional rights have been violated by arresting officers, who often make mistakes or overstep their legal boundaries. The authorities may not have secured a proper warrant to search your home or your belongings, or they may not have probable cause for performing one to begin with. If you hire an attorney, you may find out that the evidence being used in your case isn’t admissible in court.

#6: You May Want to Make a Plea Bargain

Criminal cases are often resolved before they go to trial by having a criminal defense attorney in Texas negotiate a plea bargain (which is also referred to as a “plea agreement” or “plea deal”). This means that by agreeing to a guilty plea, you will get a lesser charged or with the understanding that your punishment will be reduced. This is often done to reduce the time and expense of going to trial. It may even be the first thing that prosecutors offer, which is when your lawyer can negotiate one that works more in your favor. If a fair plea agreement can’t be reached, your attorney can then fight for your case when it goes to trial.

If you’re being charged with a crime and are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Corpus Christi to help you with your case, be sure to get in touch with Gale Law Group.