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White Collar Crimes

Many people associate the word “crime” with acts of violence, but not all of them involve physical victims or people being threatened and mugged. Corporate executives and high-rolling businessmen may devise elaborate schemes designed for their own financial gain, or people could go door-to-door so they can convince an old man to give away his retirement money. These white collar crimes don’t involve acts of violence, but they’re just as serious. They can involve anything from insider trading and antitrust violations to counterfeiting and theft of intellectual property.

There are many types of white collar crimes, but here are some of the most common:

  • Corporate Fraud — According to the FBI, most corporate fraud cases involve the falsification of financial records, insider trading, and schemes that are meant to hide these activities.
  • Embezzlement — When a company or any other type of employer entrusts a certain individual with the handling of money, he or she may use this power to misappropriate funds.
  • Ponzi Schemes — Named after Charles Ponzi (who ran a mail coupon fraud campaign in the 1920’s), it’s a type of investment scam that promises huge payouts for little or no risk.
  • Extortion — When someone coerces a person or entity into giving them money, property, or any other type of service.
  • Bankruptcy Fraud — People who have become overburdened with debt can get relief if they file for bankruptcy, but it’s done at the expense of creditors who can only get a portion of it. So if a bankruptcy filer intentionally hides certain properties throughout the process, they’re committing bankruptcy fraud.

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