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September 16, 2022

The Criminal Defense Process from Arrest to Appeal

Specific law enforcement agencies (including the Corpus Christi Police Department) may have certain procedures with regard to search warrants, interrogation, seizure of property, or anything else that may be relevant to the process.

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criminal defense process
August 15, 2022

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Corpus Christi

In almost every case, you’ll be better off if you hire a criminal defense attorney in Texas as soon as you’re charged with a crime. Even if you’re part of a criminal investigation, you should contact an attorney before you talk to anyone.

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corpus christi attorney
July 14, 2022

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Not every lawyer will be right for you and your situation. Ask the important questions so you don’t pick the wrong one.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Questions
June 14, 2022

What are the Tests You Might Face When You’re Pulled Over for a DUI?

If you’re suspected of either of them, a law enforcement officer will most likely administer a chemical test.

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sobriety test
May 31, 2022

Former jail inmate suing Nueces County, corrections officer for 2019 assault

The suit claims that the guard punched the inmate more than 20 times, resulting in the inmate being hospitalized for over three weeks. Read the full article here

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May 16, 2022

How Can You Post Bail for Someone in the Nueces County Jail?

The term “bail” refers to the temporary release of someone who has been accused of committing a crime and is waiting for a trial.

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bail bonds
April 20, 2022

Nueces County Crime Statistics

The annual crime rate for Nueces County is 39.26 per 1,000 residents, and people typically consider the south part of the county to be the safest.

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Nueces county courthouse
March 31, 2022

Texas Rangers investigation into ME’s office calls autopsy findings into question

“There was a plethora of information regarding trauma regarding this victim,” Gale said.”

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kris 6 news
March 14, 2022

What to Do if You Have a Warrant in Nueces County

A written order from a magistrate, directed to a peace officer commanding him/her to take into custody the person accused of the alleged offense so they can be dealt with according to the law

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warrant for arrest
March 10, 2022

Nueces County medical examiner treating patients with drug addictions

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nueces County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Adel Shaker has a second job. KRIS 6 News has learned Shaker is currently treating patients with chemical dependency and opioid addictions, sparking concerns from Nueces County commissioners who told us they were unaware he was seeing patients until we KRIS 6 News told them. […]

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